Kate Birinda

Kate Birinder

Head of Marketing

Kate 'fell' into B2B marketing in 1997 after a career in the army was cut short due to injury. She has worked her way up the ladder; from her early days as a marketing assistant in a catering butchers through to her current position as head of marketing' for Optimus Education. Her career path has seen her in large multi-national organisations, small independent business and working for herself as a freelance marketing consultant. Though she has specialised events she has experience in company branding, publications, subscriptions/memberships and services promotion; launching new products and taking established lines into new countries and industry sectors.

Originally from Yorkshire, Kate now lives in Surrey and successfully juggles a full time job, being a single mum to two young boys and her long distance learning qualification.

Twitter: @KBirinderRoss

LinkedIn: in/katebirinder